"A Chip Off The Old Block" .m4a - 12th Sunday after Pentecost A

"Just a Crumb" .m4a - CONFIRMATION SUNDAY

"LOST: One Sheep".m4a - 14th Sunday after Pentecost C

"Perfectly Right" .m4a - 10th Sunday after Pentecost A

"Read the Fine Print".m4a - 13th Sunday after Pentecost C

"Somebody...or Nobody?".m4a - 12th Sunday after Pentecost C

"The Righteous Will Live By Option B".m4a - 17th Sunday after Pentecost C

1.10.21 "Interior Lighting" .m4a - The Baptism of Our Lord B

1.12.20 "Holy Baptism: A Refuge for Sinners" .m4a - 1st Sunday after the Epiphany A

1.13.19 Surprise! Heaven Is Open!.MP3 - The Baptism of Our Lord C

1.17.;l21 "Essential Workers" .m4a - 2nd Sunday after the Epiphany B

1.19.20 "BEHOLD!" .m4a - 2nd Sunday after the Epiphany A

1.20.19 The Wedding Invitation.MP3 - 2nd Sunday after the Epiphany C

1.24.21 "The Repentance Factor" .m4a - 3rd Sunday after the Epiphany B

1.26.20 "He the Needle, We the Thread" .m4a - 3rd Sunday after the Epiphany A

1.27.19 Our Hidden God.MP3 - 3rd Sunday after the Epiphany C

1.3.21 "In Christ" .m4a - 2nd Sunday after Christmas B

1.31.21 "The Powerful Word" .m4a - 4th Sunday after the Epiphany B

1.5.20 "Required...Or Desired?" .m4a - 2nd Sunday after Christmas A

10.11.20 "Called AND Chosen" .m4a - 19th Sunday after Pentecost A

10.13.19 "A New Lease on Life".m4a - 18th Sunday after Pentecost C

10.18.20 "A Taxing Predicament" .m4a - 20th Sunday after Pentecost A

10.20.19 "PREACH THE WORD!".m4a - 19th Sunday after Pentecost C

10.25.20 "Free, Indeed!" .m4a - REFORMATION SUNDAY A

10.27.19 "Beggars, All" .m4a - Reformation Sunday 19

11.10.19 "The God of the Living" .m4a - 22nd Sunday after Pentecost C

11.15.20 "Don't Waste Good" .m4a - 24th Sunday after Pentecost A

11.17.19 "Time's Up!" .m4a - 23rd Sunday after Pentecost C

11.22.20 "Our Shepherd King" .m4a - CHRIST THE KING SUNDAY A

11.24.19 "Last Chance" .m4a - Last Sunday of the Church Year C

11.25.20 "Kyrie, Eleison" .m4a - Thanksgiving Eve A

11.29.20 "Hosanna!" .m4a - 1st Sunday in Advent B

11.8.20 "Be Wise...Be Ready!" .m4a - 23rd Sunday after Pentecost A

12.1.19 "It's High Time!" .m4a - 1st Sunday in Advent A

12.12.18 The Names of God Elohim -.MP3 - 2nd Midweek in Advent C

12.13.20 "Quenching the Spirit" .m4a - 3rd Sunday in Advent B

12.15.19 "The Perfect Gift" .m4a - 3rd Sunday in Advent A

12.16.18 What Did You Expect.MP3 - 3rd Sunday in Advent C

12.19.18 The Names of God - Jehovah.MP3 - 3rd Midweek in Advent C

12.2.18 Thank God for You.MP3 - 1st Sunday in Advent C

12.20.20 "Gifts for God" .m4a - 4th Sunday in Advent B

12.22.19 "Joe's First Christmas" .m4a - 4th Sunday in Advent A

12.23.18 A Dwelling Place for God.MP3 - 4th Sunday in Advent C

12.27.20 "Timing is Everything" .m4a - 1st Sunday after Christmas B

12.29.19 "The Man Who Would Be King" .m4a - 1st Sunday after Christmas A

12.30.18 The Presentation of Jesus.MP3 - 1st Sunday after Christmas C

12.5.18 Yahweh-Jehovah Names of God.MP3 - 1st Midweek in Advent C

12.6.20 "The Work of God" .m4a - 2nd Sunday in Advent B

12.8.19 "The One-Word Sermon" .m4a - 2nd Sunday in Advent A

2.10.19 The Catcher of the Wry.MP3 - 5th Sunday after the Epiphany C

2.14.21 "Summitting" .m4a - Sunday of the Transfiguration B

2.16.20 "Growing in Grace" - 6th Sunday after the Epiphany A

2.17.19 Do The Math.MP3 - 6th Sunday after the Epiphany C

2.2.20 "Loaned to the Lord" .m4a - The Presentation of Our Lord A

2.21.21 "A Tempting Gift" .m4a - 1sr Sunday in Lent B

2.23.20 "Can I Have Your Attention, Please?" .m4a - Sunday of the Transfiguration A

2.24.19 The Golden Rule.MP3 - 7th Sunday after the Epiphany C

2.28.21 "God's Precious Ones" .m4a - 2nd Sunday in Lent B

2.3.19 The Word of Authority 1.MP3 - 4th Sunday after the Epiphany C

2.7.21 "The Touch of the Master's Hand" .m4a - 5th Sunday after the Epiphany B

2.9.20 "To Pharisee, or Not to Pharisee?" .m4a - 5th Sunday after the Epiphany A

3.1.20 "The Best Defense" .m4a - 1st Sunday in Lent A

3.10.19 Power Over Temptation.MP3 - 1st Sunday in Lent C

3.13.19 You Are Forgiven.MP3 - 2nd Midweek in Lent C

3.14.21 "Love is a Verb" .m4a - 4th Sunday in Lent B

3.17.19 Dual Citizenship.MP3 - 2nd Sunday in Lent C

3.20.19 Adoption Papers.MP3 - 3rd Midweek in Lent C

3.21.21 "Free To Serve" .m4a - 5th Sunday in Lent B

3.22.20 "Love is NOT Blind" .m4a - 4th SUNDAY IN LENT A

3.24.19 Take Heed 1.MP3 - 3rd Sunday in Lent C

3.29.20 "Death and Taxes" .m4a - 5th Sunday in Lent A

3.3.19 Reminders of Glory.MP3 - Sunday of the Transfiguration C

3.31.19 Prodigal Pride.MP3 - 4th Sunday in Lent C

3.7.21 "Smoke & Mirrors" .m4a - 3rd Sunday in Lent B

3.8.20 "For God So Loved Me!" .m4a - 2nd Sunday in Lent A

4.10.19 Virtual Presence.MP3 - 6th Midweek in Lent C

4.11.21 "Second Guesses" .m4a - 2nd Sunday of Easter B

4.14.19 Passion.MP3 - Passion Sunday C

4.18.21 "Blinding Love" .m4a - 3rd Sunday of Easter B

4.19.20 "Fact Checking" .m4a - 2nd Sunday of Easter A

4.25.21 "I.O.U." .m4a - 4th Sunday of Easter- Good Shepherd Sunday

4.26.20 "The Fullness of Hope" .m4a - 3rd Sunday of Easter A

4.3.19 - Yahweh's Feast.MP3 - 5th Midweek in Lent C

4.4.21 "We Are Going Home!" .m4a - Easter Sunday 2021 B

4.5.20 Passion Sunday "Faces in the Crowd" - 4.5.20 THE SUNDAY OF THE PASSION A

4.7.19 Trivial Pursuit.MP3 - 5th Sunday in Lent C

5.10.20 "A Place Prepared For You" .m4a - 5th Sunday of Easter A

5.12.19 Plain Speaking.MP3 - 4th Sunday of Easter C

5.16.21 "Kept in the Name" .m4a - 7th Sunday of Easter B

5.17.20 "Dare To Share" .m4a - 6th Sunday of Easter A

5.19.19 The Greater Truth.MP3 - 5th Sunday of Easter C

5.2.21 "Dangerous Children" .m4a - 5th Sunday of Easter (Confirmation Sunday)

5.24.20 "That We May Be One" .m4a - 7th Sunday of Easter A

5.26.19 Wishful Thinking.MP3 - 6th Sunday of Easter C

5.3.20 "The REAL Church of God" - 4th Sunday of Easter A

5.31.20 "Keeping His Promises" .m4a - THE DAY OF PENTECOST A

5.5.19 Disrupting the Routine.MP3 - 3rd Sunday of Easter C

5.9.21 "Abiding Love" .m4a - 6th Sunday of Easter (Mother's Day)

6.16.19 A Perspective of God.MP3 - Holy Trinity Sunday C

6.2.19 One and Done.MP3 - 7th Sunday of Easter C

6.21.20 "Like Master, Like Disciple" .m4a - 3rd Sunday After Pentecost A


6.23.19 What Have You To Do With Me.MP3 - 2nd Sunday after Pentecost C

6.28.20 "You Couldn't Be More Wrong!" .m4a - 4th Sunday after Pentecost A

6.30.19 Saving Face.MP3 - 3rd Sunday after Pentecost C

6.7.20 "Resting in God" .m4a - HOLY TRINITY SUNDAY

6.9.19 Real...or Replica.MP3 - THE DAY OF PENTECOST C

7.12.20 "Empty Words?" .m4a - 6th Sunday after Pentecost A

7.14.19 Won't You Be My Neighbor.MP3 - 5th Sunday after Pentecost C

7.19.20 "Faith...or Fraud?" .m4a - 7th Sunday after Pentecost A

7.5.20 "The Rest of the Story" .m4a - 5th Sunday after Pentecost A

7.7.19 Sowers of Peace.MP3 - 4th Sunday after Pentecost C

8.11.19 Worship or Worry.m4a - 9th Sunday after Pentecost C

8.18.19 Divining or Dividing the Truth.m4a - 10th Sunday after Pentecost C

8.25.19 "The Narrow Door" .m4a - 11th Sunday after Pentecost C

8.30.20 "Vengeance is MINE!" .m4a - 13th Sunday after Pentecost A

8.4.19 Trust or Trust Fund.MP3 - 8th Sunday after Pentecost C

9.20.20 "Fair Game" .m4a - 16th Sunday after Pentecost A

9.22.19 "Banking on Jesus".m4a - 17th Sunday after Pentecost C

9.27.20 'Taming the Tongue" .m4a - 17th Sunday after Pentecost A

9.29.19 "The Lord God of Sabaoth".m4a - St Michael and All Angels C

9.4.20 "The Wine That Works" .m4a - 18th Sunday after Pentecost A

9.6.20 "The Greatness Factor" .m4a - 14th Sunday after Pentecost A

Terrified, Justified, Unified.MP3 - Holy Trinity Sunday